Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Who's running a 50 state campaign?: Did Dean mention Tennessee in his post-caucus rant?

All eyes may be on New Hampshire, the great state of Tennessee has voters casting ballots now. Early influence could be key. Dean must still be looking for a map to see what states he forgot the other night.

Edwards, Clark tops in time, cash spent in state

Early voting begins today in presidential primary

NASHVILLE - As Tennesseans begin early voting in the presidential primaries today, North Carolina Sen. John Edwards has invested more time in the state and Gen. Wesley Clark has invested more money.

Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry plans soon to begin investing more of both in Tennessee, according to his state director.

Howard Dean's state coordinator, on the other hand, says only that there is a "good potential" for the former Vermont governor to visit the state before Tennessee's regular election day - Feb. 10 - though there are plans for TV advertising.

In the aftermath of the Iowa caucuses, the four men appear to be the only viable candidates for the Democratic nomination headed into the New Hampshire election Tuesday, Jan. 27.

Steve Lindsey, Kerry's Tennessee director, said his Iowa victory was "a really good bump for us" in Tennessee and nationally. He said most Tennessee Democrats are undecided now and Kerry is positioning himself to win their support.

He said Kerry will personally visit the state and "we will be active in the Tennessee media market - definitely TV and possibly some targeted radio."

Edwards is from neighboring North Carolina and Clark is from Arkansas. Both claim Tennessee ties. Edwards worked in Nashville as a young attorney while Clark attended a military preparatory school in Lebanon.

Edwards has made seven campaign visits to Tennessee, more than any of the other candidates, while Clark has already spent $500,000 on TV ads to best other candidates by far in that category.

Clark also has 16 paid staff members in Tennessee versus three for Edwards, two for Kerry and none for Dean. Spokesmen for Kerry and Edwards say they will soon be bolstering their staff in the state.

Clark spokeswoman Carol Andrews said Clark will continue running Tennessee ads up to election day.

None for Dean? Just where does he think them boys in them thare trucks are, anyway?

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