Wednesday, January 28, 2004

"Native son" Kerry Fails to get 40% of the Vote in New Hampshire

(Manchester) Despite being broadcast into Southern New Hampshire living rooms for over two decades, John Kerry could not even muster 40% of the vote in his neighboring state. This is devastating, considering that much of the southern part of the Granite State serves as a bedroom community for metropolitan Boston.

Perspective is everything, ain't it? Kerry gets back to where he was months ago and it is hailed as the most dramatic comeback ever. Home boy takes only four more delegates than a candidate derided as a joke all week long and it is spun as a nomination clinching victory. He pretends to smoke a joint in Iowa, and says the "F" word in an major interview and he gets spun as "Presidential." Wes Clark merely refuses to pretend an AWOL drunk has been unfairly accused and he gets labeled as not ready for prime time. As Joementum would say, "Is this a great country or what?"

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