Sunday, January 18, 2004

Don't attack Dean with...facts

Carter's non-endorsement

Pressed in recent interviews why he would leave Iowa at a crunch time, Dean said he could not turn down an invitation to appear with a former president he admires. But when a visitor to the Maranatha church -- thousands come from out of town annually to hear Carter's Sunday-morning homilies -- thanked Carter for inviting Dean, Carter quickly interjected "I did not invite him" before adding "I'm glad he came."

"He called me on the phone and said he'd like to worship with me," Carter explained to reporters before the church service began. The appearance was originally slated for Jan. 4, but an Iowa debate that afternoon made out-of-state travel impossible for Dean, and this was the only alternative left in January, said Chip Carter, the former president's son and a Dean backer. The former president said he has visited with retired Gen. Wesley K. Clark and hopes he will again.

Well, I have no insights into Clark's scheduling, but I doubt the meeting will happen the day before New Hampshire. Perhaps shortly after. And I suspect that if Clark calls Carter to arrange one, he will admit to as much.

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