Wednesday, January 21, 2004

No wonder those former Iraqi soldiers are angry

They apparently had to give up a great gig. Scam mail-- it's not just from Nigeria anymore. Yeah, Operation Iraqi Freedom! The little guy in America is finally getting his shot at the loot!

Dear Sir,
My name is Hazz Mohammed , I am from Iraq. My cousin was a top officer in the former Government of Sadam Hussein. Before the beginning war he gave me $16,000,000.00 (Sixteen Million United States Dollars) to keep for him.

I managed to move the box containing the money out of Iraq through diplomatic immunity to a Security company in Dubai and the box is been deposited as family treasure, for security reasons. Now that the war is over I want to move the money to your country for safety reasons. Be rest assured that this transaction is risk free as no person is aware of this money.

You will be compensated with 25% of the total sum, if you can assist. Expecting your urgent reply via

Yours Faithfully,
Hazz Mohammed

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