Wednesday, January 14, 2004

"Real Deal" Democrat beats out NRA approved "Internet Doctor"

Michael Moore endorses Clark:

I have decided to cast my vote in the primary for Wesley Clark. That's right, a peacenik is voting for a general. What a country!

I believe that Wesley Clark will end this war. He will make the rich pay their fair share of taxes. He will stand up for the rights of women, African Americans, and the working people of this country.

And he will cream George W. Bush.

I have met Clark and spoken to him on a number of occasions, feeling him out on the issues but, more importantly, getting a sense of him as a human being. And I have to tell you I have found him to be the real deal, someone whom I'm convinced all of you would like, both as a person and as the individual leading this country. He is an honest, decent, honorable man who would be a breath of fresh air in the White House. He is clearly not a professional politician. He is clearly not from Park Avenue. And he is clearly the absolute best hope we have of defeating George W. Bush.
The decision in November is going to come down to 15 states and just a few percentage points. So, I had to ask myself -- and I want you to honestly ask yourselves -- who has the BEST chance of winning Florida, West Virginia, Arizona, Nevada, Missouri, Ohio? Because THAT is the only thing that is going to matter in the end. You know the answer -- and it ain't you or me or our good internet doctor.

Ouch! Well, at least he didn't say Dean wasn't a Democrat-- just a sure loser. And I wonder if that Park Avenue jab was intended? If so, nice touch, Michael.

I don't know if it happened, but I have this humorous image in my mind of Dean calling Moore and asking, "Dude, where's my endorsement?"

I was going to post in some detail about Howie and surrogates echoing Kerry's surrogates echoing Howie regarding Clark being a Republican, but I saw this and decided to leave it at that-- at least for tonight.

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