Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Clark has your "net roots" right here

Wes Clark Participates In First Online Chat With Bloggers

Little Rock - On Wednesday, January 7th, from 5:00 - 5:30 pm EST, at, Wes Clark will participate in his first ever online chat with bloggers. Blogs, short for Weblogs, are frequently updated Internet journals that are fostering a growing Internet subculture. This relatively new phenomenon has become an invaluable tool in the 2004 presidential election, transforming the way presidential campaigns communicate, according to a report released by Johns Hopkins University's

Now, my invite apparently got lost in cyberspace, but unlike some early Clark bloggers, I'm not the bitter type. The line has to be drawn somewhere and there are many good Clark friendly bloggers, but keep me in mind in the future, okay?

Good friends of this blog who participated included: Digby, Kevin Kraynick of Tooney Bin, Dave Koehler of the original Wesley Clark Weblog, Bill Scher of LiberalOasis, and, although not listed, Aaron Benson of Geckoblue. All good bloggers worth checking out if you don't already.

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