Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Scaring Grandma Just Won't Cut It

Many at Blog for America are pathologically in denial. Others are just understandably down. They believed in their candidate, worked hard, gave money, and argued for him all over the blogosphere regardless of what he said or did. Until last night. From BFA:

I just can't be for Dean anymore. I still like him alot, I love his message, and I thank him for setting the tone for the national debate this year. For this he deserves credit.

But everyone was right, only Dean can stop Dean. And he did last night.

I'm now officially undecided, with an eye towards Edwards, and a squint towards Kerry, and a oh well maybe towards Clark.

But Dr. Dean, you show last night, it scared my grandma, and well, that won't cut it in November.

All viable candidates must, at a minimum, meet the "Doesn't scare Grandma Threshold." Dean has stepped into that place that money just can't get you out of, regardless of what Pat Cadell says. He has also become the joke. Okay, some just think he's crazy, but it seems pretty clear today that his post-caucus performance is not something people just chuckle about and move on.

For any Deaniacs or former Deaniacs out there, his implosion was coming. It was just a matter of time. Better now, than after wrapping up the nomination, don't you think?

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