Thursday, January 29, 2004

It's the cover up that kills you

The John Kerry Botox issue-- Should it be an issue? Does vanity matter? How about judgement?-- by this I mean Kerry apparently received "classic bad Botox." Shouldn't we expect more from the leader of the Free World?

Nope. It's the lying about it. Reagan claimed he never died his hair and see how much damage he did. Previously Kerry lied about having prostate cancer. Now he lies about Botox. Lying about sex I understand-- who hasn't? It's really the whole thing-- the vanity, the creepiness of paralyzing one's muscles when you already resemble Herman Munster, and the lying about it. Something tells me this isn't the way the Dems are gonna score with white men. Whoops, look at the time. I'm late for my manicure. Later.

The scoop:

Two prominent New York plastic surgeons - after examining "before" and "after" photos posted on the Drudge Report - told Lowdown yesterday that Kerry exhibits all the signs of a Botox injection.

"Not only is it Botox, but it's classic bad Botox," said Dr. Michael Kane, a surgeon in private practice.

"His forehead is just way too smooth. It looks weird. It's a bizarre appearance that he's got not a wrinkle. That doesn't happen to 60-year-olds."

Dr. Gerald Ember, an attending plastic surgeon at New York Presbyterian Hospital, agreed.

"The pictures ... show a marked absence of the horizontal lines of the forehead and wrinkles between the eyes. Only Botox or a forehead lift would do this," he said. "And I say good for him!"

In a Tuesday interview with a Boston radio station, the Massachusetts senator was asked about Lowdown's Tuesday item. Kerry "absolutely" denied receiving Botox treatments, and added: "I've never even heard it. Where did this come from? ... I've never even heard of it. Never heard of it."

Methinks he protests too much.

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