Monday, September 08, 2003

Who will save Davis from himself?

How'd Arianna get off the hook? Tom Lantos?

This recall is bad for the democratic process and Arnold is a joke, but how did Davis ever get this far in politics?

Calif. Gov. Stirs Anger with Schwarzenegger Quip

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - First Gov. Gray Davis didn't think Arnold Schwarzenegger was saying enough about California's issues. Then he didn't like the "Terminator" mentioning the state at all if he was going to use that funny accent.

And now amid a chorus of criticism that he was being anti-immigrant, Davis says he was only joking.

Davis, fighting to defeat a voter recall on Oct. 7 that could bring the actor to the statehouse, quipped about Schwarzenegger's Austrian-tinged accent during a campaign appearance on Saturday.

"You shouldn't be governor unless you can pronounce the name of the state," Davis told a voter on Saturday about the way Schwarzenegger says "Kah-lee-fohr-nyah."

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