Monday, September 15, 2003

Up the poor guy's meds

World Should Have Stopped Saddam Sooner - Powell

HALABJA, Iraq (Reuters) - Secretary of State Colin Powell used a visit to a mass Kurdish grave in northern Iraq Monday to defend the war that ousted Saddam Hussein, and accused Syria of allowing saboteurs to slip over its border.

Powell and leaders of Washington's Kurdish allies lit candles at a memorial for 5,000 Iraqi Kurds killed in a 1988 gas attack, which he said showed the world should have acted sooner against the brutal regime of the former Iraqi president.

The stress and strain of covering for a cabal of moronic idiots is showing its toll. Colin Powell has apparently forgotten that he played a not so insignificant role in Gulf War, Part I-- in 1991. I don't recall him being a big fan of continuing to Baghdad then to topple Saddam, so why does he cite a 1988 incident, awful as it was, as evidence that "the world" should have stopped him sooner? We didn't stop him in 1991, even after he crushed those who rose up at George H.W. Bush's urging. I don't recall Powell speaking out then. Shouldn't we use a little humiltiy instead of guilt at this point in trying to convince "the world" to help clean up the mess we created?

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