Wednesday, September 17, 2003

In other news...

John Edwards "reannouncement" was drowned out by Wesley Clark's announcement and Isabel's approaching the Atlantic Coast. Although I support Clark, Edwards is a much better candidate than the conventional wisdom would have you believe. And though I think Clark makes it increasingly difficult for him to gain traction, Edwards may still do better than most people now think. Having announced that he is not seeking re-election to the Senate makes him more difficult to dismiss. Also, Dean's capacity to implode and lose traction, although likely not his most strident supporters, may still give Edwards a window. No, I'm not smoking anything. No, I don't think Edwards will win. I do think he will acquit himself much more nicely (no lawyer pun intended) as a candidate than one might think at this point.

What does this mean for Edwards? I agree with Aaron Benson that Edwards is solid VP material. Also, he may go back to NC and prepare for a gubernatorial run to establish himself as a chief executive. Regardless, I don't think he is done.

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