Sunday, September 14, 2003

Straight Talk?

Gephardt has pointed out Dean's previous support for NAFTA. On This Week, Dean took issue with Stephanopolous pointing out that he had strongly supported NAFTA. As Dean clarified, yes he did send a letter to Clinton indicating his support of NAFTA, but he didn't strongly support it. Just another unfair attack on Dean. I wonder how the average Deaniac would characterize this kind of parsing by someone else who was just a typical politician?

DES MOINES, Iowa— Democrat Howard Dean picked up support from Iowa union activists who plan to run ads touting his presidential candidacy to coincide with the Labor Day holiday.

The advertisement, set to appear in Monday’s editions of The Des Moines Register, says Dean is “the only candidate who will stand up for what we believe and isn’t afraid of what Washington thinks.”...

“Howard Dean was one of the leading governors to support NAFTA and even attended the initial White House ceremony with Canadian and Mexican leaders in 1993,” Gephardt’s campaign said in a statement. ...

Dean supported NAFTA but has changed his position since launching his White House bid, saying he would favor the deal only with strict environmental and labor protections.

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