Monday, September 15, 2003

This from the party that worried about Clinton's effect on "the children"?

Arnold on the joys of a pump

But today she oozed love and support in a television appearance with longtime friend Oprah Winfrey as her meaty husband sat by her side. She wrinkled her chin in horror and clapped her hand over his mouth as he revisited an old Oui magazine interview about what he once said was a gangbang. Now he says it was just "an outrageous thing you say -- 'a pump is better than coming' " to promote bodybuilding.

Clinton never even alluded to "coming" until threatened by a zealous prosecutor with a dress that should have better cleaned long before. And Repugs held him responsible for the "news" they generated. Arnold does so gratuitously for self promotion and he's their man. No hypocrisy here, no sir.

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