Sunday, September 21, 2003

Since this underachiever thing isn't working...

Evan Thomas on Clark:

Clark also suffers from the anti-intellectualism of the military. At West Point, “star men” like Clark, who won stars for top grades, often declined to wear them on their cadet uniforms. They didn’t want to be singled out as nerds. Clark was a top debater at West Point. One of his superiors—a captain by the name of Norman Schwarzkopf, later the commander of Desert Storm—objected to Clark’s spending too much time traveling to debates, doing “puffy stuff,” Schwarzkopf complained, rather than more manly pursuits, like “socializing” and “professional development.”
       Some of the resentment against Clark is just plain jealousy. More-plodding officers dislike “fast burners” like Clark. It should be noted that Clark commanded the loyalty of many of his subordinates as an officer in the field in the ’70s and ’80s. By the sheer force of his personality and high expectations, he was able to turn around Army units that had drug problems, poor morale and racial divisions.

Well, let's see. For the last three years we've had an underachiever who went AWOL from the National Guard, was a drunk until he was 40, couldn't find oil in Texas, but was by all accounts a great social chair for the Dekes at Yale. I think I'm ready for an overachiever. How about you?

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