Friday, August 22, 2003

The World's Only Superpower Can't Afford Clean Air?

Hey Soccer Moms, or Security Moms, or whatever the current label is, what do you think about Shrubya polluting the air your kids breathe? How about the by-products that end up in the water they drink? How much damage can one man do in one term? All these years, and he finally decides to be an overachiever? Without a doubt, the worst President ever.

Hey Naderites! Still think there's "no difference" between Bush and Gore?

Clean Air Rules to Be Relaxed

The Bush administration has decided to allow thousands of the nation's dirtiest coal-fired power plants and refineries to upgrade their facilities without installing costly anti-pollution equipment, as they now must do.

Acting Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Marianne L. Horinko said yesterday that she will sign the new regulation next week, and that the measure will take effect this fall. The decision marks an important, cost-saving victory for the utility industry, which has vigorously lobbied the administration for the past 21/2 years to relax the Clean Air Act enforcement program.

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