Sunday, August 10, 2003

Bush Administration Loves the Smell of Napalm in Morning…

But not nearly as much as they like lying about it.

US admits it used napalm bombs in Iraq

10 August 2003

American pilots dropped the controversial incendiary agent napalm on Iraqi troops during the advance on Baghdad. The attacks caused massive fireballs that obliterated several Iraqi positions.

The Pentagon denied using napalm at the time, but Marine pilots and their commanders have confirmed that they used an upgraded version of the weapon against dug-in positions. They said napalm, which has a distinctive smell, was used because of its psychological effect on an enemy.

A 1980 UN convention banned the use against civilian targets of napalm, a terrifying mixture of jet fuel and polystyrene that sticks to skin as it burns. The US, which did not sign the treaty, is one of the few countries that makes use of the weapon….

At the time, the Pentagon insisted the report was untrue. "We completed destruction of our last batch of napalm on 4 April, 2001," it said.

So Saddam apparently lied about having weapons he didn’t, and we lied about not having weapons that we did. And then we used them. Nothing like having credibility and moral authority.

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