Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Keeping the "Talent" Happy

It is not everyday that you see such gratuitously vile personal descriptions as this in a trademark lawsuit:

"Franken is neither a journalist nor a television news personality," according to the complaint. "He is not a well-respected voice in American politics; rather, he appears to be shrill and unstable. His views lack any serious depth or insight."...
The court papers refer to Mr. Franken, who is a former "Saturday Night Live" writer and performer, as a "parasite" [and accuses him] of verbally attacking Mr. O'Reilly and other Fox personalities on at least two occasions, and of being "either intoxicated or deranged" as he flew into a rage at a press correspondents' dinner in April 2003.

Sure, you might find it in a divorce case in which one party is so interested in trashing the other that he or she is willing to pay big bucks to do it, but not so much intellectual property. Yes, I know, the phrase "intellectual property" seems strangely out of place when discussing Fox "News," but then again, so does the word "news."

This tirade dressed up as a legal document sounded just a little bit too much like it sprang from the poisonous mouth of that vindictive bastard Bile O'Reilly. Now, according to Drudge (which admittedly is only slightly better than relying on O'Reilly), Bile O'Reilly "lobbied" for the lawsuit.

"For Bill, above all other things, this was a matter of honor and support," a top source explained from New York. ...

"He is not going to sit by and let Franken smear the hell out of him," a top FOX source said.

Leave it to Bile O'Reilly to tie up the court system and waste your tax dollars with a frivolous lawsuit. I guess he finds "honor" in that.

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