Friday, August 01, 2003

Students for War

You read that right. A group of young folks whose motto is, “Make war, not love.” Generational revenge is complete—for now. The site is not specific—e.g. such as a site that might say, “Students Against Saddam” or “Students for Operation Iraqi Freedom.” Apparently, these little hellions just love them some war, any war.

If you’re a cheap bastard like I am and are blogging for free, you may have noticed an ad at the top of your blog for the blood-happy youngsters “Students for War.” You can click on the link or save yourself the trouble and read this entry.

The link, at least on my blog, actually took me to the group’s “Democrats for War” page. Here’s the lead in:

Republicans aren't the only ones in favor of war. Patriotic Democrats like U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) and U.S. Senator John Kerry (D-MA) have taking a strong pro-war position as well. Both voted to authorize military action against Iraq, and both have publicly voices their strong support for war. Students for War salutes Senator Lieberman and Senator Kerry for their strong support the war to rid Iraq of weapons of mass destruction. We urge all Americans of both parties to do the same.

Got that? Republicans aren’t the only patriots. Some Dems actually like to mix things up, as well. Still, I have to wonder about these students’ real commitment. I mean, if they were really strongly pro-war, would they be students at all? We seem to have a troop shortage, so I’m sure at least the Army and the Marines are still looking for a few good men and women. Support the troops! Relieve them with your happy ass!

When I clicked on the home link I got the "Students for War" commercial. It starts with a cartoonish outline of the NYC skyline, pre-9/11, and the phrase, "Nobody thought it could happen." (ed. comment: Except the CIA which briefed the White House during the first week of Bush's month-long August vacation.) It ends with a statement of concern over our enemies having nuclear weapons and a mushroom cloud. I guess these young folks must have taken those "sixteen little words" to heart since the commercial implies that their support, at least for the Iraq war, was based on the fear of an imminent nuclear threat (for which there is no evidence).

Other pages include one dedicated to the hated French—or as our Founding Fathers knew them: our first and most important ally.

Lead-off entry:

London's Sun reports that "cowardly French soldiers" are vacationing in the British capital:

Crew of the coastal patrol vessel FS Flamant are unashamedly flying a Tricolour while moored in central London. So The Sun steamed into action yesterday by blitzing them with white feathers--the coward's symbol. . . .

We circled the ship and shouted to the crew: "We have le feather blanc for you grands poulets." . . . As the rattled French seamen looked on in amazement, we bombarded them with the feathers--which showered their deck.

The French called the police, and an "amused officer" told the Sun: "We've had a complaint about you from the French warship. Take this as a friendly warning. They're very edgy about all this."

Nothing like “journalists” being the story, although the Sun is probably more famous for page 3 than first-rate journalism.

There’ s the obligatory corruption of an American symbol, in this case Uncle Sam saying, "I want YOU to boycott France." So for the enablers reading this right now, “Put down that bottle of Evian, you Frog-Coddling Sissy!”

And lastly on the "French" page, a seemingly out of place quote attributed to Colin Powell which insults all young Americans, including Students for War, who are not Marines:

SEC.STATE Colin Powell was recently approached by an Iraqi newspaper
reporter and accusingly asked, "Isn't it true that only 13 percent of young
Americans can locate Iraq on a map?"

Secretary Powell stopped, turned, and stated "Yes, it's true. But,
unfortunately for you, all 13 percent are United States Marines."

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