Friday, August 22, 2003

Lou Dobbs of "liberal" CNN takes a "principled" stand against those who dare to differ

Washington Whispers needs to do their homework. From today:

Straight talk or nothing for CNN's Dobbs

Retired Gen. Wesley Clark was a long-time CNN military analyst but there's one cable network host he didn't impress: Lou Dobbs. Clark was a guest on Dobb's business show during the Iraq war and the host felt the former NATO boss seemed to push his own political agenda rather than provide the straight military skinny on the Pentagon plan, reports our Mark Mazzetti. The result: Dobbs, who hosts "Lou Dobbs Tonight," told a conference of reporters and military brass last week that he barred Clark from his show for the remainder of the war.

Funny. A few months ago, Lou was bragging about his own biases on the same issue:

And Willy Clarkson of Colorado writes, "Your obvious bias for Republicans in this war are very disgusting. You're not acting as an unbiased journalist. Your lack of listening to the United Nations and its role was proof of that."

You're right, Willy. I'm not unbiased. I've supported the president, the Congress, the troops in this war. As for the U.N., I think they do very good work when it comes to humanitarian aid. It's when they try to do other than that I have a problem.

Just another example of the smug self-righteous hypocrisy of the Right-Wing, even on "liberal" CNN.

Tell CNN how impressed you are with Lou's objectivity and fairness.

Tell Washington Whispers Lou doesn't talk so straight.

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