Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Let's make a deal

Hard line Islamic clerics aren't the only folks who support theocracy. The Chief Justice of the great state of Alabama rode the Ten Commandments into office and ain't lettin' go.

Court Rejects Ten Commandments Appeal

Supporters of Moore gathered on the judicial building steps and stopped to pray at times, while opponents of the monument, anti-tax protesters and onlookers mingled near the front entrance to the building, which was ringed by television news satellite trucks.

It was unclear if any charges were planned against the 20 people who were handcuffed after refusing to leave the judicial building.

Christian groups planned a rally and prayer service Wednesday night, and one of the organizers, Rev Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition, said protesters would remain at the building 24-hours a day.

I wonder how many of those folks have read those 10 edicts lately? And do they really believe in them? If so, they, and the good judge, should have no problem applying those rules to the state in whose high court they sit. Maybe opponents of the almost three ton block of granite could agree to let it stay if the state drops its hypocrisy and does away with the death penalty. ("Thou shall not kill." -- You will note that there was no exception made for the supposed moral authority in charge.) And while they're at it, keep the actual Sabbath holy. That's Saturday. No worshipping the football Gods on the Sabbath. And put that beer down. It's the Sabbath, you heathen.

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