Sunday, August 03, 2003

Norwegian alcoholics eye narrow window of opportunity to be semi-responsible citizens

New Law Allows Drunks to Vote
Fri August 1, 2003 08:15 AM ET
OSLO (Reuters) - It will be two pints of lager and a ballot, please, in Norway this year after a change in the law allowing voters to get drunk and then go out to vote.

"The election board can no longer refuse anyone to vote because they are intoxicated," an adviser at the Local Government Ministry said Thursday.

Until now, Norway's election law has denied entry to polling stations anyone with "seriously impaired judgment" or "reduced consciousness" from booze, but that law has been scrapped, adviser Steinar Dalbakk told the Bladet Tromsoe newspaper.

But Norwegians will have to sober up again for the 2005 general elections. Politicians -- possibly fearing the effects of a political hangover -- have re-enacted the law banning drunken voting.

The new law will however not take effect until after September's local government polls.

I suppose it beats allowing dry-drunk Presidents.

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