Monday, August 11, 2003

It’s not Halliburton-like money, but it’s a living

Sometimes I have to take a look at what the enemy is up to, even when I know it will probably piss me off. So I clicked on a pop-up for a Desert Camouflage Hat on sale from those freedom-hating bastards over at Newsmax who belief they are the only freedom-loving patriots. Incredible.

Exclusive: is proud to offer the U.S. military’s Desert Camouflage Hat – the same hat worn during Operation Iraqi Freedom by our combat troops and embedded journalists.

Now you can get these rugged military-grade hats for your own pleasure.

These hats were designed for military specifications, to provide excellent sun protection and comfort under extreme heat and sun conditions….

Now you can get your Desert Camouflage Hat (also called the Desert Boonie Hat) for your own pleasure – wear it for gardening or hiking, at the beach or swimming pool – just about anywhere in the great outdoors. It's fashionable for men and women!…

The Desert Camouflage Hat is one of the coolest items you can wear – while reminding America of our victory in Iraq.

For you own pleasure! How about that? Today it will get to 118 degrees in Baghdad, but will get downright chilly at night (89 degrees). I suppose that counts "as anywhere in the great outdoors," but I'm not sure how much pleasure our troops are having with their nifty hats. Regardless of the temperature where you are, however, you too, can be as fashionable as a United States soldier stuck in Iraq. (For the full effect, you may want to strap on a bullet proof vest and several pounds of gear.) The picture at Newsmax almost made be hurl. There is a montage with a group of soldiers, none smiling, and then four fun-loving kids without a care in the world laying on a sand dune with their Desert Camouflage Hats from Newsmax! Now that’s styling!

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