Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Rush discovers right to privacy

Not previously known as a defender of the rights of suspected criminals, Rush Limbaugh has discovered his "liberal" side. Of course, it only applies to him.

Rush then:

I agree with the view, best articulated by Judge Robert Bork, that there is no basis in the Constitution for the privacy right which was announced as the foundational basis for the constitutional right to abortion.

Rush now:

It's not up to me to prove my innocence by giving up my right to privacy. I have to give up my right to privacy now in order for the state who is, in effect, just casting a line out there, hoping to hook something. They've got to invade my privacy to do this.

Must be something mighty interesting in those records. The relevant inquiry, however, is was Rush "Doctor shopping"-- a felony in Florida. Yeah, yeah, yeah, he's innocent until proven guilty, but I'm willing to be my entire Christmas haul that he was.

1 comment:

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