Sunday, December 14, 2003

Anti-Deaniacs with a budget, here you go...

Dems aren't that good with negative ads, even against each other. Dan Conley has an alternative to the current anti-Dean offering that would work better.

Whoever these guys are, give me an hour playing around on iMovie and I'll come up with a better anti-Dean ad than this ... and I won't even charge you for it.

How's this for a concept ... you start with George McGovern saying "this war was wrong from the start" cut to the crowd cheering, then you superimpose Dean's face over McGovern as you cut back to the podium. The voiceover says "third two years ago, Democrats nominated anti-war candidate George McGovern. We lost 49 states."

Now you cut to Walter Mondale saying "both Ronald Reagan and I will raise your taxes. He won't tell you, I just did." Cut to crowd cheering, cut back, superimpose Dean's face on Mondale. Voiceover: "20 years ago, Democrats nominated a candidate who promised to raise our taxes. We lost 49 states."

Voice over: "Howard Dean thinks his campaign is making history. But this is no time for us to suffer another historic defeat." Cut to shot of Dukakis in the tank, with Dean's face superimposed on Dukakis. "We can't give George W. Bush four more years. Let's get serious Democrats. If we nominate Dean, we re-elect Bush."

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