Thursday, December 18, 2003

Ask Bush to make the case against Saddam

Bush is walking around with a special swagger in his swagger, and it's not just the bum knee. Dubya think's he has killed the Ghost of Bush-one-termers Past by capturing the guy his dad compared to Hitler, and then left in power as if 'ol Flyboy Bush were some yellow-bellied French appeaser. A mindless media seems to agree-- the Dems are doomed!

Bush's approval ratings bounced, but so what? Iraq needs to get a whole lot more pleasant in the coming months, and why would any reasonable person anticipate that just because Saddam was found in a hole the size of some Japanese hotel rooms? If Americans are still dying and still paying a hefty bill for Iraq in 10 months, will they really give a rats ass that Saddam is on trial somewhere? Well, they might if Shrubya can deliver on his BS and innuendo.

Bush, with the help of a spine-less, cajones-clipped media, has convinced a majority of Americans that Saddam Hussein had a significant role in 9/11. Well now is Dubya’s chance to seal his electoral fate. Let’s bring the SOB back to America, after a lengthy pit-stop in Gitmo, of course, and put him on trial for 9/11. If Ashcroft’s “Justice” Dept. fails to convict him, he would go free, but hell, with enough "evidence" to justify a costly and deadly war, surely we can easily convict the guy, right?

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