Thursday, December 04, 2003

Bush thinks it's just more fun when you lie

Nothing this White House likes better than a good lie. Things Bush is most thankful for: Kobe, Scott Peterson, Columbo, Michael Jackson, a disengaged electorate.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush's flight plan was falsified last week to hide his Thanksgiving Day visit to Iraq, the White House said on Thursday, in another example of the extraordinary -- and deceptive -- steps taken in arranging the battle-zone trip.

Critics have said admitted deceptions over the trip threaten Bush's credibility, which has also been challenged on larger issues such as his assertions Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction that have not been found. ...

But David Wise, author of the 1973 book "The Politics of Lying," said, "The trip certainly I'm sure gave a morale boost to the troops, but that's almost beside the point."

"The question is, should the government engage in lying in order to essentially ... protect a photo op? The answer is, no it shouldn't," he said. "It's a serious business when government lies, and eventually it does hurt a government and a president's credibility."

And even the photo op was a lie.

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