Friday, December 12, 2003

Don't you feel better being ripped off by Halliburton instead of a damn Canadian company?

The Shrub thinks we should reward Halliburton because young Americans with no affiliation to the company risked their lives in Iraq. As one of those taxpayers Dubya was talking about yesterday, I would rather pay a Canadian, German or, dare I say it, a French company $61 million less.

Cheney's old company gouges US taxpayer

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A Pentagon audit has raised questions about whether a subsidiary of Halliburton -- an oil services company once run by Vice President Dick Cheney -- overcharged the U.S. government $61 million for gasoline imported from Kuwait to Iraq.

The Pentagon said Thursday a routine review turned up the potential overcharge by subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root, which was awarded a no-bid contract in March to rebuild Iraq's oil industry.

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