Thursday, November 20, 2003

Wonder how much time they spent talking about this plan?

Wow. If this doesn't get tons of attention, even with the Kobe, Michael and Laci obsessions, I'm not sure what will. I'm glad Clark didn't get Tommy's endorsement. This certainly lends insights to why he feels a kinship with an AWOL President.

Gen. Tommy Franks says that if the United States is hit with a weapon of mass destruction that inflicts large casualties, the Constitution will likely be discarded in favor of a military form of government.

Franks, who successfully led the U.S. military operation to liberate Iraq, expressed his worries in an extensive interview he gave to the men’s lifestyle magazine Cigar Aficionado....

If that happens, Franks said, “... the Western world, the free world, loses what it cherishes most, and that is freedom and liberty we’ve seen for a couple of hundred years in this grand experiment that we call democracy.”...

“It means the potential of a weapon of mass destruction and a terrorist, massive, casualty-producing event somewhere in the Western world – it may be in the United States of America – that causes our population to question our own Constitution and to begin to militarize our country in order to avoid a repeat of another mass, casualty-producing event. Which in fact, then begins to unravel the fabric of our Constitution. Two steps, very, very important.”

Franks didn’t speculate about how soon such an event might take place.

If we have to give up our freedom to avoid losing our freedom, how do we come out ahead? And I thought not being free to travel to Cuba was bad.

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