Friday, November 07, 2003

Anything Dean hasn't changed positions on?

Dean's about to change his mind again. He does that, you know, when given new facts. This time the new facts are that he thinks it's to his advantage.

"Where's the principle?" Kerry asked of Dean's change of heart, which has come in part because of the extraordinary success the former governor has had in raising millions of dollars from small donations, many on the Internet.

Dean acknowledged changing his views but said he blamed it on a sudden realization that Bush, who abandoned public financing in the 2000 campaign, could financially overwhelm a Democrat who stayed within the system.

Dean told reporters, "I probably had no idea President Bush was going to raise $200 million." But Bush raised about $100 million in his first campaign and it was well known at the time of Dean's statement that he would seek nearly to double that this year.

"[P]robably had no idea?" Did you or didn't you? And if you didn't, are you a moron? Besides, can't a candidate stay within the limits for the primary and opt out in the general? If so, why not do that, if Bush's totals are what concern you?

More "straight talk" from the man that would be John McCain 2004.

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