Wednesday, November 05, 2003

NH Clark team takes shape

Clark names leadership team

CONCORD, Nov. 5 -- Wesley Clark named his New Hampshire leadership team today, a group made up largely of former state officials and former members of the draft movement that encouraged him to enter the race in the first place.

Among the 19 names listed either as New Hampshire campaign co-chairman or or steering committee members are three members of the list of 105 most important Democratic endorsements to receive this election cycle. Now only 27 people remain uncommitted and many of them have pledged to remain so for various reasons.

One of the most surprising of those coming forward to back Wesley Clark was Mark Fernald, the former state senator from Sharon and the state's 2002 Democratic gubernatorial nominee.

Throughout the year most of the nine Democrats running for office sought out Fernald's endorsement because he was seen as a significant gateway to campaigning the Southwestern part of the state.

In an interview, Fernald said he made up his mind Monday after watching Clark speak at a town hall meeting at Keene State College.

"I have seen most of the candidates in the same setting and I came away the most impressed by Clark," said Fernald.

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