Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Debate Quick Hits

Smart college students ask better questions than journalists.

Clark got his turtle neck at The Gap—Kucinich got his at Gap Kids

Dean rivals Dubya for smug, “I’m always right!” arrogance.

Edwards was genuinely pissed at Dean, but hopes to benefit from the squabble in the South.

Kerry got hometown softballs, and still answered his own questions.

Sharpton and Kerry went out for a beer afterwards with Kerry’s wife (she had a martini).

The “party questioner” gave Lieberman the slip and hooked up with Anderson Cooper at the Bull & Finch Pub where they talked about how "gross" Joe is.

Eight is better than nine.

Paula Zahn is a certified idiot.

Joe Klein should have signed his name to the novel, but give his political commentary anonymously.

Judy Woodruff was locked in the Green Room where she was comforted by Al Hunt who told her it was "for her own good."

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