Sunday, November 16, 2003

Well, they say she is a polarizing figure

Apparently Hillary is generating a little generational tension. Too bad. Since both are wasting their time, they have alot in common.

The Draft-Hillary Camps Push Their Buttons, and Each Other's

How divided is the race for the Democratic presidential nomination? Even the Draft Hillary movements can't stand each other.

"We're avoiding him," says Adam Parkhomenko, the 18-year-old leader of in Arlington, talking about Bob Kunst, leader of Miami Beach-based

"I'm avoiding him," says Kunst of Parkhomenko. "The kid is on a total ego trip."

Not true, says Parkhomenko. "We wouldn't be in this situation if the guy had just returned my e-mails. And when he finally did, all he wanted was for me to help him to sell bumper stickers."

"I'm way too busy for this nonsense," Kunst declares.

The timing of this spat could not be worse. It coincides with Hillary Rodham Clinton's much-hyped appearance at the Iowa Democratic Party's Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner Saturday night. This is a momentous occasion for those who believe that the senator's presidential candidacy in 2004 is inevitable, like Santa Claus on Christmas, despite her numerous vows to the contrary. ...

Saturday's dinner is also a chance for the Draft Hillary movements to coalesce. But there's little coalescing going on between Parkhomenko and Kunst. They are selling their respective Hillary buttons and bumper stickers outside Veterans Memorial Auditorium. They are separated by about 50 feet but don't speak to each other. Only about each other.

"He's an 18-year-old kid," says Kunst, who is 61. "I don't trust him."

"Yeah, whatever," Parkhomenko says. ...

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