Thursday, November 13, 2003

Clark to stay within financial limits

Guess these means Clark will need to rely on, Soros, and others to attack Bush if he gets the nomination. Expect to see even more free TV time for the General if that happens. Heck, he might even become Larry King's co-host. Good morning, Regis. Dave, how's the new baby? Don Imus, can we talk? Oprah, have you read my book(s)?

Clark to accept public financing

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic hopeful Wesley Clark, who flirted with the idea of skipping public financing of his campaign despite a late fund-raising start, announced Thursday he will stay within the system.

The decision means Clark will be limited to $45 million in overall primary spending and will face state-to-state spending caps. He will be eligible for up to about $19 million in government funding for his campaign.

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