Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Tenet: "Move over, Dirty Harry"

So we all know George Tenet has stepped forward to take "responsibility" for faulty intelligence somehow imposing itself into Dubya's SOTU address which attempted to make the case for war with Iraq. Okay. Less clear is how he was supposed to have prevented a concerted effort by the administration to include information they knew to be dubious. Imagine one scenario:

Bush is practicing his speech, making sure he can pronounce all the words. Tenet storms in, guns down four secret service men, aims his glock squarely at Dubya and says, "Mr. President, we both have taken an oath to protect this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. That includes your disgusting little Neocon cabal bent on conquering half the planet and alienating the other half. So with all due respect, sir, step away from the speech and no one's credibility has to be hurt."

Now that is probably the kind of cowboy behavior Dubya would respect, but if he refused, would Tenet be forced to say,"Go ahead. Make my day."?

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