Sunday, July 20, 2003

Observations from Europe

Charlie Sheen comes off much better as an actor when he is dubbed in French.

Rolling luggage doesn't do well on cobblestones.

Saw a guitar-playing Santa in Brussell's Grand Place singing "Brown-eyed Girl" off-key and getting money for it. Lesson: If your talent is limited, have a gimmick.

If you ever get the chance, watch "Have I Got News for You on the BBC."

In a Pottery Barnesque store in Amsterdam, the "Uncle Sam Collection" was 50% off.

We've not encountered any overt anti-American sentiment. On the other hand, there is ample anti-Bush sentiment.

The graffitti is out of control. Although, the Bush graffitti I understand. :)

The Netherlands is notorious for legalizing limited amounts of marijuana and other business practices. But don't come unprepared for a head cold. Sudafed and similar decongestants are not sold in the Netherlands. As the pharmacist told me, "It is not good for you." In the land of "almost anything goes," this is what they choose to be patronizing about?

Even with the weak dollar, a cappuccino at an Amsterdam sidewalk cafe is much less than in any Starbucks in America. And better. And it comes with a cookie.

Switzerland is very expensive.

Overheard at the Grand Place in Brussells from a group of four young ladies whose shirts suggested they were members of a University of Georgia sorority:

Woman A: "Waddya wanna do?"

Woman B: "We could go to Anne Franks' house."

Yes you could. But you will need to take the train to Amsterdam, first.

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