Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Raggin’, Rattin’, and Ratin’

I was surfing the blogosphere and came upon this critique of one of my first posts:

4.5~PrometheusSpeaks: Get a Baby Bib Just Like Dubya Wears! ~[My link goes to post, contest link goes to blog] Right off, the title had me convinced I had another left leaning zealot who was going to mindlessly bash Bush and his administration. I was partially right. I do have to retract the mindlessly part. This post was delightfully humorous. It was so craftfully constructed that it could rival Dave Barry or James Lilieks on one of their best days. I would have gladly given it BEST OF SHOW had Prometheus linked to the actual post. (4.5 out of 5)

Tiger: Raggin’ & Rantin’ is an interesting blog with a great subtitle: “tied to the world solely by a low-band connection through a third-world phone company, one man simply seeks the truth”

A noble mission, indeed, Tiger. The seeking truth part, I mean. I must say, however, I think you may have set the bar a little high for someone of my technological limitations. I have to write and understand how to link to the actual post only three days into bloggin’ and equipped with only a third grade education? I clearly have not advanced that far yet. I couldn’t even figure out how to vote for myself. In fact, I garbled my entry through incompetent cutting and pasting. Do you hear that, Tiger? Cutting and pasting trips me up, man! Next time, I’m reading instructions before entering something. Okay, probably not.

I appreciate the kind words though. Nice not to be thought of as “mindless,” at least by somebody. “Left leaning?” I was pretty much wandering through life in the center when the country took a hard right and damn near knocked me down. “Zealot?” Generally not, but since I don’t play golf or bowl, this is kinda like my therapy. I’m fairly mild mannered in real life.

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