Saturday, July 26, 2003

Many Conservatives seem to Love to Hate

While traveling in Europe recently, an opinion piece by William Pfaff in the International Herald-Tribune, “Bush policy risks terminal strain in NATO”, reminded me of a comment I had gotten a few weeks earlier:


I believe you are experiencing Irrational Hatred of an Opposition Party President (IHOPP). I'm sure this phenomenon was puzzling to you during the previous administration (Why do they hate Bill? He's a great President!), unless you also considered it "a vast right-wing conspiracy".

Neither Wubya, George the First, Ronnie or Gerald is simple, stupid or moronic, although they were often derided as such. If you consider Wubya as a worthy opponent you are much more likely to defeat him. I will admit that Wubya isn't as long on public speaking skills as Mr. Blair, but clearly he is a fine leader of men.
Wince and Nod | Email | Homepage | 06.30.03 - 2:42 pm | #

Hey Wince:

Thanks for the comment and the diagnosis. I knew I hadn't been myself lately, but couldn't quite put my finger on it. Must be a progressive illness, because it wasn't nearly as intense under those other guys you mentioned.

Actually, I don't think 3 out the 4 guys you mentioned were morons. We are going to have to agree to disagree, however, on Dubya's intellectual prowess and ability to lead men (presumably we are in accordance that he can't lead women). And while I may not respect Dubya on many fronts, I fully respect his puppet master Rove as a worthy opponent.
PrometheuSpeaks | Email | Homepage | 06.30.03 - 6:06 pm | #

Unlike Wince, I don’t think my grave concern over Dubya is irrational. Implicit in his/her comment, however, is an apparent admission that his hatred of Clinton was/is. Let’s try to look at a few objective facts. What would justify Wince and his/her ilk’s hatred of Clinton? Record economic growth? Converting record deficits into record surpluses? Good relationships with our allies? Reduction in crime rate? Less violent crime? More police on the streets? I guess that’s enough to piss anyone off.

My disgust with Dubya goes well beyond the fact that I have little respect for his intelligence, skills, morals or preparation for the Presidency. I see objective evidence that his actions are setting my country in a very deep hole on many fronts. It is mind boggling that we have gone from discussions of what to do with the surpluses to record deficits almost overnight. The alienation of much of the world is unprecedented. The negative view of this administration by the rest of the world is likely unprecedented. And this is from a guy who bragged ad nauseum about being a uniter, not a divider. Sure enough, he's united much of the world against us.

Silly conservatives would sometimes say that Clinton’s sexual encounters were embarrassing America around the world. Actually, most people in the Western world never understood the fuss. Clinton remains very popular in the world. Bush, on the other hand, is often seen as a close-minded, arrogant boob.

Beyond the so-called political victories, what real and certain accomplishments can Bush point to, other than his millionaire buddies pay less taxes? Of course, most of them also probably make less money.

Once Bush is gone, he’s gone. I doubt you’ll see me or many other of his detractors dedicate a tremendous amount of sustained energy to trash him, although he probably warrants a book or two. Not true for Clinton haters. They seem to hate just to hate. Check out these guys, for example:

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) -- Just a few blocks from the future site of Bill Clinton's $160 million presidential library, a couple of Clinton haters hope to open a museum devoted to mocking his presidency.

"As long as he's talking, we'll have to be here trying to keep him somewhat honest and stop him from rewriting history," says John LeBoutillier, a former Republican congressman from New York who rode Ronald Reagan's coattails to victory in 1980.

LeBoutillier and his partner, Houston businessman Richard Erickson, plan to call it the Counter-Clinton Library. They say the museum here and one planned for Washington will look at such topics as Whitewater, Monica Lewinsky, the last-minute pardons, even damaged White House furniture.

"We already hear he's going to bring a bunch of egghead economists to his library to say how great the economy was when he was president," LeBoutillier says. "And we'll find our own who can say it had nothing to do with him."…

This is emblematic of the hatefulness, negativity and destructiveness of the far-right. I’m willing to bet that these two jokers, like Bush, consider themselves to be fine Christian folk.

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