Sunday, July 27, 2003

Clark's best chance to be President

Via the The Wesley Clark Weblog:

Ezra Klein at Not Geniuses assesses a potential Wesley Clark presidential candidacy. Klein makes some good observations, but his assessment is from the perspective of a Dean supporter. This contributes to his conclusion that Clark is positioning himself as a VP candidate, and given Klein's preferences, Dean's VP.

I agree with Dave at The Wesley Clark Weblog that Clark is not, in fact, positioning himself as a VP candidate. Contrary to Klein's assertions, the current climate is probably more conducive to a Clark presidential run than may be the case in 4 to 8 years. Contrary to what Klein suggests, being attached to a failed Dean candidacy, if it did fail, would not strengthen Clark down the road. You can only be fresh once. You can only be a non-politician agreeing to get into the fray once. This is not to say 2004 is now or never for Clark, but I do think this coming election is probably his best chance to be elected President, barring two terms as VP for a very successful President.

Clark as a VP helps Dean, or anyone, in my opinion, but it doesn't translate into taking the South any more than Bentsen helped Dukakis take the South. As a presidential candidate, Clark will be strong in the South. As a VP candidate, Clark may help this ticket take Arkansas. The time is now for a Clark candidacy. The particular challenges of these times play to his strengths.

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