Thursday, October 02, 2003

Party of Drunks and Gropers

In the fall of 2002, the entire Bush smear machine focused on Mary Landrieu, LA (D), in her fight to keep her senate seat.  RoveCo chose Suzy Haik Terrell as their vessel and they let Mary have it.  Mary fought back and prevailed, perhaps signaling that the aura that arose around Dubya post 9-11 was not impregnable.

Well, Suzy Terrell is back and running for Attorney General and the LA GOP has released a 242 page indictment against her opponent, Charles Foti. Don’t know much about him, but I know Suzy likes wallowing in filth.

Republicans dubbed their study "The Foti Report." It contains news stories that date back to 1979 about Foti and his office. "The people of the state of Louisiana deserve the right to know the truth about Charles Foti," Hebert said. "And today we are going to give it to them."

Foti, in a prepared statement, disputed the comments and said they are a continuation of negative campaigning by and for Terrell.

Hebert cited a 1985 story in which Foti pleaded guilty to drunken driving. Foti said in a recent interview that he made a mistake and that he has not consumed alcohol since then.

Hebert said voters are entitled to know about the incident.

"This is a very serious charge," he said. "This is a man that is seeking the office of top cop of the state."

Interesting how serious this old charge seems to be to Mr. Hebert.  I guess he didn’t vote for the first all-DWI ticket in 2000, Bush-Cheney.  Rumor has it that Cheney was chosen because his two DWI convictions made Bush seem less tainted with only one such conviction.

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