Sunday, October 26, 2003

I think I prefer Clark's contribution

As a taxpayer making contributions to their salaries, I think I got more bang for my buck from Clark's contribution than from Kerry's "independent-minded" slaving over crafting policy. I suspect that any one year of Clark's service required a greater degree of leadership than any ten years of Kerry's congressional service. I used to like Kerry, but he has become increasingly pathetic.

Kerry draws distinction between he and Clark’s pasts

MANCHESTER, Oct. 24 -- After explaining to a house party attendee that he hasn’t attacked any of the other candidates, Sen. John Kerry drew a very clear line between he and Gen. Wesley Clark’s lives of service and military pasts.

At a party at the home of state Sen. Lou D’Allesandro and his wife Pat, Kerry said that though, yes, they both have military pasts, Kerry has spent a lifetime since then creating policy while the General has spent that time taking orders.

“Last time I looked, generals do what they’re told by the civilians,” Kerry said. “They don’t write policy. They do as they’re told.”

Kerry responded to one question regarding his attacks on other candidates by explaining he had done no such thing, but had instead been trying to make distinctions between he and the other candidates so that the American people can make a clear choice.

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