Thursday, October 02, 2003

Al Sharpton leads the pack… name recognition. Listen up, fellow web geeks. We need to get over ourselves. Any talk about any candidate having locked up the nomination overlooks one key point. We are the only ones paying attention. The electorate has not engaged. Now, if you’re reading this, don’t be offended. This next comment is not about you. Not only has the electorate not engaged for the 2004 election cycle, they never engaged in the 2000 election cycle. Proof? Exhibit A: 51% have not heard of Lieberman (as opposed to 90% of the blogosphere who wish that they had never heard of Lieberman.) Exhibit B: George W. Bush is President.

And people who are convinced that Dean’s position on the war (which was more flexible than many of his supporters seem to think) will make him the clear choice among fellow Dems? Only 29% prefer a candidate that opposed the war. Another 41% can pretty much go either way which, given our choices, is probably a good sign. Their choices?

(Democratic primary voters)
Clark 12%
Gephardt 10%
Lieberman 9%
Dean 9%
Kerry 8%

This thing is far from over.

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