Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Clark scores well with Arizona Hispanics

It's early, but this can't hurt.

Poll shows Arizona Hispanics favor Wesley Clark among Democrats for president

Despite his late entry into the Democratic presidential sweepstakes, retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark is the favorite among Hispanics in Arizona, according to a new poll.

Clark, who became the 10th Democratic presidential hopeful in late September, is the choice of a quarter of Hispanic voters who have decided who will get their vote, which is half the state's registered Hispanic voters, according to the Phoenix-based Rocky Mountain Poll.

Pollster Earl de Berge of the Behavior Research Center, said Clark's edge may be a reflection of "the generally conservative and patriotic/pro-military profile of many Latino voters."

Whatever the reason, the former NATO supreme allied commander in Kosovo is six points ahead of former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean - the leading fund-raiser in the race - who is the choice of 19 percent of Hispanic Democrats in the state. ...

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