Friday, June 27, 2003

Sounds like Patrick has been sneaking into Teddy’s liquor cabinet

Seems like the Kennedy clan has another poster boy for bad behavior. As reported in The Reliable Source:

As sometimes happens with Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.), he let his mouth race ahead of his brain Wednesday night at a gathering of Young Democrats at the Washington nightspot Acropolis. After presidential candidate Howard Dean spoke, Kennedy delivered an impassioned peroration against President Bush's tax cut. We hear that Kennedy told the crowd: "I don't need Bush's tax cut. I have never worked a [bleeping] day in my life." With that he got the audience's attention -- the dropping-jaws kind. "He droned on and on, frequently mentioning how much better the candidates would sound the more we drank," a witness told us. "Finally, he had to be stopped by a DNC volunteer."

Hey, Patrick-- I’m angry too about how Dubya has set us on the long-term path to economic ruin. Unlike you, however, I’ve had to work most [bleeping] days of my life. That’s okay. It builds character. It’s not too late to give it shot. Even though you don’t have to.

Republican readers: Here's exhibit A for an estate tax on the obscenely rich.

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