Sunday, June 22, 2003

Progressive TV

The Poorman offers suggestions for Gore’s supposed TV project. I agree, if done correctly, this will work. I also agree that except as occasional guests, no Bill Moyers, no Donahue, no Eleanor Clift.

Faux News is Entertainment for angry conservatives. A progressive channel needs to be entertainment for progressives. I also agree with The Poorman that Jon Stewart would be an excellent anchor—hip, funny, and sufficiently informed. He interviews serious people in a manner that allows them to make their points, but keeps it moving.

The Poorman says be negative. Yes, but creatively so. Pure unbridled anger won’t sell most progressives or independents. Satire, sarcasm and irony will. Humorous negativity, if you will.

I’ll add to his list of who to have on and who to avoid:

Chris Rock (ever hear his defense of Clinton?)
Janeane Garofalo (with the anger dialed back just a notch)
James Carville (The Ragin’ Cajun still provokes with wit and insight)
Mario Cuomo (risk of sanctimony, but communicates too well to leave out)
Jim Hightower (down home, but biting)
Molly Ivins (can ramble a bit, but very good when on)
Al Franken (But he needs to learn to focus his message on larger points. As much as I enjoyed his sparring with O’Reilly, he gets distracted too easily.)

Who not to have:

Paul Begala (Sorry, Paul. The Chris Kattan parody hits a little to close to home.)
Alan Colmes (Probably a nice guy, but what a patsy.)
Most politicians as show hosts

Update: Eric Alterman needs and deserves a show.

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