Monday, June 23, 2003

So Dean's a Damn Lefty

Okay, clearly I’m not a Dean fanatic. That said, I’m a little disgusted with the way the corporate media continues to serve as the mouthpiece for the Psycho Fanatical Right (PFR). Or in this case, maybe just for the DLC. The Washington Post's website's front page introduced Dean’s announcement thusly: “The left-leaning Vermont Democrat says his goal is to ‘empower people.’" “Left-leaning?” Do they mean to convey a balance problem or his political stands?

Just what makes Dean a “lefty”? And even if you do conclude he may “lean left,” the first question is: “Left of what?” The current fascist regime he seeks to replace? The next question is why is that the intro? How about “The former governor from Vermont who balanced 11 consecutive budgets announced his candidacy for the White House today.”

If the Post insists on introducing him with a label instead of facts, how about the label he chooses for himself on his own website?

A common-sense moderate who firmly believes that social justice can only be accomplished through strong financial management, Governor Dean has cut the income tax twice, removed the sales tax on most clothing, and reduced the state's long-term debt. Not only did the governor pay off an inherited $70 million deficit, he worked with lawmakers to build "rainy day" reserves to help the state through any future economic downturn.

Next headline, “Liberal Dean Lies about Political Leanings on Web Site”

But back to the original question, what makes Dean a damn lefty?

Is it this statement?

If you say "gun control" in Vermont, Tennessee or Colorado, people think it means taking away their hunting rifle. If you say "gun control" in New York City or Los Angeles, people are relieved at the prospect of having Uzis or illegal handguns taken off the streets. I think Vermont ought to be able to have a different set of laws than California.

Radical bastard. Maybe this is the reason:

I believe the death penalty should be available for extreme and heinous crimes, such as terrorism or the killing of police officers or young children. But it must be carried out with scrupulous fairness.

So he thinks the death penalty should only be applied fairly. Coddler. I bet he hangs out with Willie Horton, too. I’m glad those razor sharp journalists at the Post tipped us off early enough.


MYDD posts on some of the confusion out there regarding how to label Dean.

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