Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Where are we now?

It is all over but the shouting...and there has even been a little shouting in some quarters (not mine). Barring something really wierd, Kerry is the nominee. Edwards is reportedly dropping out tomorrow. How to stay in the news? I would like to see Edwards and Clark join Kerry on the campaign trail for the upcoming primaries (and send Gore overseas) and have big-ass rallies the media has to pay attention to. Clark can slam on Bush for foreign policy idiocy, Edwards for domestic policy callousness and Kerry can stay a bit more "positive." Lots of veterans. Add a little star power to increase media interest. Have Dean crank up his netroots followers and focus on winnable congressional seats, and I mean think liberally about what seats are winnable. Bushco could utterly collapse in the coming months and the Dems need to be ready to shock the punditry world. I'm not even ready to concede the redistricted Texas seats. Not saying it will happen, but I see possibilities.

Have the Big Dog under the radar raising money with base and, perhaps, with business folks who prospered under Clinton and were receptive to his economic message, but may have wandered into the Repug fold in 2000. We need to chip away at Dubya's vulnerabilities.

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